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Starlight PR has built a reputation as one of the premier music marketing and artist branding PR firm in the music industry. Offering a wide variety of PR campaigns to artists signed to major labels, we also extend our services to independent up-and-coming artists on the rise. You can easily start, grow and reach your career goals with us. We're there with you every step of the way.

Voted as top 20 PR firm in the U.S, Starlight PR attracts an extraordinary diverse clientele and is proud to have delivered PR campaigns to some of today's top acts such as Cardi B, (I Like It) Alessia Cara, (Here) Post Malone (Better Now) Lil Uzi Vert, (Luv Is Rage 2 “Album”). R.City (Locked Away ft Adam Levine) Omi (Cheerleader) DL Moreno (Savage feat. Trey Songz) and others.

Artists will work with our team at the highest standard of excellence and professionalism. Our hands-on approach ensures regular and timely communication. Clients interested in our 4 Weeks Premium Next level Campaign can expect the most intensive, challenging and rewarding experiences of their career. The vigorous radio interviews, schedules, press releases, Twitter takeovers, PR meetings are all unsurpassed real-world experience to continue the growth of any artist’s music career.

Our Starter Package for up-and-coming artists is the most comprehensive campaign ever put together for artists just starting out. It has everything needed to kick-start any upcoming artist’s career... moving from just making music to having a music career.

Blending an exciting hands-on approach to teamwork with detailed strategic planning, Starlight PR is now consistently listed as The #1 Most Trusted PR Firm for Up-and-Coming artists. Try one of our Premium PR Campaigns and experience another level of professionalism. Each client is assigned a full staff and their own team of project managers, PR Coordinators, Radio Coordinators, publicists and more. Such is the level of excellence that awaits you when you make our team YOURS. We look forward to serving you today.

Iconic 4 Week Premium Next Level Campaign

Iconic 4-Week Premium Next Level Campaign

Starlight PR's Iconic 4-Week Next Level Campaign gets you featured in and on Premium Magazines, Blogs and Radio Stations. From The Source Magazine and The Upcoming 100 Chart, to Rock On Radio, MusicLinkUp Global Artist Spotlight and the Brad Cooney Radio Podcast - it's all guaranteed. And it's all 50% off for our first time clients.

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3-Week Social X Campaign

Spotify promotion, Playlist Placement and organic Instagram growth. Our 3-Week Social X campaign place the focus on the top 2 fundamentals, Spotify and Instagram.

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3-Week Social X campaign
2 Weeks Awareness Campaign

2-Week Awareness Campaign

This campaign strategy covers the two main building blocks of an effective PR campaign -- Awareness and Branding.

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Case Studies and testimonials

CASE STUDIESA Boogie with da Hoodie R.City OMIDL MorenoPress Release



Take Julius Dubose known professionally as A Boogie with da Hoodie Global. Identify target market fit, increase wareness, market and promote single and the new album.


Starlight PR established a 6 months marketing plan for Q4 of 2018 running into Q1 of 2019. A listening session between Highbridge label and Atlantic Records was conducted and "Look Back At It" was decided for the lead single.


  • A full media rollout plan was crafted by Starlight PR, targeting outlets with strong audience market fit and wide organic reach.
  • Sirius XM was selected for the release of "Look Back At It".
  • The strategy was to have A Boogie perform the single live at Sirius XM with DJ OMINAYA for the premiere.
  • The plan was a success the video received over a million views in its first month. Watch the
  • performance here.
  • The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 FM was next, followed by interviews on Tidal with his Highbridge label and Complex to discuss the album "Hoodie SZN" Max B influence, everyday struggles and more.


  • We released the Official Music Video for "Look back at it" on January 30th 2019.
  • It currently have over 35M views and counting. Watch the Official Video Here




Continue the rise of R. City's smash single "Locked Away" featuring Adam Levine

Create a detailed 6-month marketing plan and unique concept for a music video and its promotion.


Starlight conducted a casting call and assembled a highly qualified team for music video production and promotion.


  • Gil Green was brought in as director. He is the man behind the videos for acts like Lil Wayne, Diddy, John Legend, Trina, Rick Ross, and more.
  • Missy Galanida was appointed executive producer.
  • The concept for the video was everyday stories of families facing poverty, imprisonment and lost love.
  • Shot the video in Miami.
  • Watch behind-the-scene footage.


  • Starlight PR secured an exclusive front page Press Release on ET Online. Read Press Release.
  • Social promotions through The Source, Vibe Magazine, Billboard and The Upcoming 100 Chart channels, reaching a total audience of over 10MM passionate music fans
  • High-impact video wall takeovers, targeted placements and pre-roll video

"Lock Away" now has more than 475,000,000 views on YouTube.



Capitalize on the success of Omi's #1 smash hit "Cheerleader" with the follow up single "Hula Hoop"


Starlight PR created a bold custom island vibe cover art for "Hula Hoop", highlighting Omi's unique style and trademark felt hat. We used our Hostile TakeOver Campaign to flood social media with the single cover and the release date of the video.


  • Starlight PR secured high-level magazine to premiere the official "Hula Hoop" music video
  • Starlight PR integrated live appearance via "Today Show" where Omi did an exclusive interview and performed both "Cheerleader" and the new single, "Hula Hoop" live.
  • Starlight secured an exclusive pop shop podcast on where Omi discussed hitting no. 1 & how "Cheerleader" almost wasn't a song Check it out here.
  • Social promotions through Starlight's channels - reaching a total audience of over 10MM passionate music fans

DL Moreno


Bring awareness to DL Moreno and establish him as a serious contender in the music industry


Find an established artist to do a feature with DL Moreno. His fans become DL's fans.


  • Starlight PR secured an exclusive feature with Trey Songz.
  • DL Moreno and his team of producers decided on the single.
  • DL Moreno's "SAVAGE feat. Trey Songz" was the result.


  • Starlight created custom "Up Close With..." features on each artist.
  • Exclusive Press Release featured on all major blog sites
  • Deployed a co-branded strategic PR and Marketing campaign with editorial & rich media ads to promote the single.
  • What Moreno has to say: